New Features in LAGO 5

We are proud to introduce LAGO 5 – our best update yet – with all new features to increase your multichannel marketing production and enhance your team’s workflow in the midst of these uncertain times.

New Layout Features

  • Redesigned LAGO InDesign plugin

  • LAGO-Specific Shortcut Keys

  • Update Annotations

  • Simplified Asset Import

  • Full text search within metadata

  • Asset Properties on the Asset Light Table

  • Advance Document Status in All Variants

  • Alpha Channels Support on Placement

  • Adobe CC2020 & OS X 10.15 Supported

  • Clone Element Layout Category Settings

  • Element Layout Image Alignment Options

  • Subcategories for Placement Rules

  • Rule-Based Element Layout Selection

New Proofing Features

  • Job Search Folders.

  • New Correction Tools

  • Correction Mark Element Linking

  • Comparison slider in LAGO Proof

  • PDF Format for Correction Document

  • Configurable Header for Proofs

General Enhancements

  • LAGO Modules | Now HTML5

  • WHITEBOARD | Pickup View, Replace Image Content, Element Creation

  • Asset Type Permissions via Workgroups

  • WORKFLOW | Job Expiration

  • Security Enhancements

Scripting Enhancements

  • New Functions and Tokens Available

  • New Function for Placement Rule Scripting

  • Reference a Scripted Field in a Scripted Field

  • Use Element Fields in Scripted Article or Price Fields

  • Calculator Scripts & Element Properties

UI Enhancements

  • Enhanced Element & Article Sync

  • Enhanced Document Compression

  • Enhanced Support for Multiple AUTOMAT instances

  • LAGO DAM Workspace Configuration

  • Automated Element to Shop Assignment

  • Element Layout Asset Selection

Import/Export Enhancements

  • Automatic Asset Assignment via Article Properties

  • Export Search Folder Results

  • Import of Native Excel (XLS) Files

  • Asset XML Import Failure Notification

  • Extended import configuration

  • Suppressing Non-Editable Article Property Update

  • Suppress Automatic Creation of Article Property Types

LAGO API Support

The LAGO API enables many new integration possibilities are now possible with the has been enhanced with many new functions. A CRUD API is now available for Assets, Projects, Elements, Articles, and Prices enabling the ability to create, change, retrieve, and delete the most important LAGO objects.


Let’s talk about how we can get your team upgraded to LAGO 5 to take advantage of these and other great new features!