Proofing & Approval Simplified

Whether your output channel is printed or digital, many decisions must be made before “launching” a marketing message. From complex catalogs to email campaigns and landing pages, a smooth, efficient review and approval process is essential.

Simple but Robust

LAGO Proof is a robust, Web-based system for ensuring that the finished product is correct and complete before the presses roll (or the web page goes live). It includes:

  • Automatic generation and delivery of PDF or Flash files, email notifications, and assignment and tracking of mark-up and approval tasks
  • Uses Adobe InDesign Server to automatically generate accurate online proofs
  • Create “Certified” documents, which serve as a snapshot of any stage in the process

Each user’s corrections are visible as the proof is passed through the organization. As corrections are completed, they are seamlessly put on the original InDesign document. When a designer next opens the InDesign document, all corrections are visible.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

Manage from anywhere

Because it uses a secure browser connection, LAGO Proof allows decision makers to weigh in from anywhere in the world, to ensure that the message is correct and on time. Its user-friendly commenting tools and intuitive task lists allow the proofing process to be fully integrated into LAGO’s overall workflow management process.

LAGO Proof gives every team member the power to review mission-critical content and give a timely “all systems go” with confidence.


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