Marketing Automation Made Easy with LAGO

LAGO automates and optimizes multichannel marketing activities, significantly cutting production time and costs. LAGO has been a reliable multichannel marketing solution for over 25 years for Retail, Grocery, Agencies, and more.

At its core, LAGO is a PIM, DAM, and Marketing Production solution with an integrated checkpoint-based collaborative workflow, versioning optimization, and proofing system.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

LAGO consolidates data and assets from multiple sources in a central repository for use in various marketing channels. Projects for e-commerce, print, mobile, social media, and point of sale can be planned, produced and output directly from LAGO.

By combining data and assets from multiple sources in a unified view, we enable marketers to more efficiently plan projects with better insight. Additionally, complex regionalization and versioning scenarios are easily executed using LAGO.

At the production level, our InDesign plugin brings the assigned data and assets directly to the page. Persistent linking ensures that both data and assets are 100% accurate and always up to date.

A strong core is our foundation for success. The LAGO Core in combination with one or more LAGO Modules, enables full control of your marketing collateral from planning to output–all using a unified solution.

Core Functions

  • PIM: Manage product data for multiple regions/versions.

  • DAM: Manage all types of assets and media.

  • PLANNING: Plan and organize channel-specific projects.

  • WORKFLOW & PROOFING: Set up checkpoint-based workflows with integrated proofing and
    approval cycles.

  • ADMIN: Use Admin to configure the system (i.e. role and user rights, import/ export, workflow parameters, etc.)

Product Information Management System | LAGO
Media Asset Management Platform from LAGO

LAGO can do so much more to automate your marketing production.

LAGO Modules

  • PRODUCTION InDesign Plugin: The Production plugin enables direct linking and dynamic updating of product data and assets within InDesign.
  • E-COMMERCE Interface: Export data to an e-com website by simply assigning products to their respective categories.

  • DIGITAL OUTPUT Export Channel: The Digital Output module automates the creation of digital publications, with associated URLs and rollovers.
  • E-PAPER Marketplace: The E-Paper Marketplace provides a platform for hosting digital flip-book-style publications, integrating seamlessly with the Digital Output Module.

  • ONE2ONE Connector: One2One Module for web-to-print as well as personalized communication in print and online channels.

Media Asset Management Platform from LAGO

LAGO can do so much more to automate your marketing production.

Workflow Management

LAGO‘s Workflow Management enables your marketing production process to run efficiently and smoothly, even with large data sets and complex versioning. Our workflow module offers automated task management combined with highly configurable user & group rights.

The easy creation and configuration of parallel workflows for different channels (print or digital), provides the means to produce marketing materials while respecting each channel‘s nuances.

LAGO‘s Workflow Engine automatically assigns jobs to teams (or individuals) and monitors their progress through completion. Reporting tools let you keep on eye on production and immediately identify possible bottlenecks. Because of its modular nature, LAGO is able to produce multichannel marketing materials from planning all the way to output.

1) Campaign Planning

Page & layout planning for marketing

2) Asset Management

Allocation of products and/or offers to the page

3) Production Process

Page layout & design management

4) Proofing Process

Manage who and how corrections are made

5) Approval Process

Easily manage approval of production from anywhere

6) Production Output

Easily generate digital & print production pieces

LAGO Features & Benefits

  • Maintain accuracy and consistency across your brand

  • Create multilingual marketing collateral with ease

  • Automated task allocation results in enhanced organization and shorter production cycle

  • Placeholder technology for automated on-page data and price and data updates

  • Enables harmonization of all marketing channels

  • Decrease response time to market changes

  • Gain insight through customized reporting options

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