Easily Coordinate Regional/Market Specific Productions

The LAGO Version Optimization module makes it possible to reduce the creation of print versions or variants to minimize the number of variants that actually have to run through a production and coordination process. It doesn’t matter on which level you produce a variant. The entire range is covered, from national to regional/market-specific to customer specific variants.

Calculation of Necessary Variants

Through the built in optimization algorithm and the resulting variants or versions, you reduce the need for interaction with a graphic designer saving valuable time and money. It includes:

  • Determination of necessary header variants for the graphic element(s)
  • Determination of necessary content variants for differences in data fields (e.g. price variants)
  • Output of all necessary variants via an Adobe InDesign Server
  • Manual initiation of a page compression to determine Versions required and calculate Header Variants
  • Automatic processing of a page compression triggered by a status change in your workflow
  • Automatic processing of a page compression triggered by changes in the graphic element(s)
LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

Dealing with Price Variants

Content variants identify all variants that are based on differences in data fields, such as a price. Since such data fields automatically flow into a document via the LAGO placeholder technology and are not set manually by a graphic designer, any differences lead to the creation of a content variant. Although content variants can be viewed by a graphic designer at any time, they run automatically during production via an InDesign Server, requiring no manual intervention at the end of the production process.


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