Effortless Catalog Production from Concept to Production

The usage of most catalog production tools is as complex as the catalog produced with this tool. Whether your catalog is in print or online (or both), it’s hard to turn a vast database of product data and assets into a stunning digital catalog effective for your retail store, fashion/lifestyle brand, or business.

With LAGO catalog production, you’ll have plenty of features ready at your fingertips: print and digital catalog output, data asset and product information management, proofing and approval system, versioning optimization, InDesign integrations, and collaborative workflows. So don’t waste another minute on the never-ending process of managing product data, sales teams asking for progress updates, design workflow backups, versioning complications, and single-channel outputs. LAGO is a complete catalog management system for both print and online production.

With our multichannel software, your team will work more collaboratively and efficiently to strategize and produce quality print and digital catalogs.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

LAGO is perfect for

  • Catalog Designers

  • Web & Print Production Staff

  • Product Line Managers

  • Marketing & Sales Professionals

  • IT Support Professionals

A strong core is a foundation for any marketing strategy and success. The LAGO Core, combined with additional LAGO modules, enables complete control of your marketing catalogs from planning to output using one integrated solution.

LAGO combines product and image data from its own PIM and DAM system to seamlessly populate catalog content in Adobe InDesign for designers. Thanks to our proprietary InDesign plug-in, those same designers can focus on making final creative adjustments to the catalog instead of its tedious production, thanks to the automatic layout function.

Because there is a constant direct link to the product and image database, designers will also have peace of mind knowing that the catalog will have the correct data consistently every time. In addition, the dynamic placeholder technology and bi-directional communication will update information whenever necessary, regardless of where the catalog is in the production process.

4,000+ professionals use LAGO to simplify their catalog production workflows and multichannel marketing activities.

See for yourself just how you can significantly cut production time and costs.

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What is LAGO?

LAGO automates and optimizes multichannel marketing activities, significantly cutting production time and costs. LAGO has been a reliable multichannel marketing solution for over 25 years for Retail, Grocery, Agencies, and more.

At its core, LAGO is a PIM system, DAM system, and Marketing Production solution with an integrated checkpoint-based collaborative workflow, versioning optimization, and proofing system.

LAGO’s Centralized Catalog Production Workflow

LAGO’s Workflow Management allows the catalog production process to run efficiently and smoothly, even while using large data sets and complex versioning. Our Workflow module offers automated task management combined with highly configurable user & group rights. Additionally, parallel workflows for print and digital channels can be custom configured to maintain catalog production while respecting each channel’s nuances.

The LAGO Workflow Engine automatically assigns jobs to teams (or individuals) and directs the catalog production from concept through completion. Furthermore, LAGO’s reporting tools allow you to watch the process and immediately identify bottlenecks. Finally, its modular framework allows for multichannel output at the end of catalog production.

In the planning phase, LAGO Whiteboard is the main module for rapidly drafting and pre-populating pages of your catalog with selected products.

With our unique LAGO Layout Plugin, pre-populated templates are available inside InDesign documents for the creative team, whether in the office or working remotely.

For the proofing stage, LAGO Proof is the ideal bridge for integrating product or category management into the catalog production process – any change requests made while inside LAGO Proof automatically populate inside the InDesign document.

Once all the change requests are complete and every job on the integrated LAGO job list is marked as done, the Category Manager can finally approve the catalog in LAGO Layout. The final document and its multiple versions can then be output to the printer.

When it comes time to get your catalog printed or published online digitally, LAGO is ready to finish the project! Print-ready PDFs for all catalog versions can be output at the same time. Additionally, hotspot overlay coordinates and gallery assets are automatically added to the digital catalog with LAGO Digital Output.

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