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See for yourself just how you can significantly cut production time and costs.

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LAGO Optimizes Marketing Production for these Industries

LAGO automates and optimizes multichannel marketing activities, significantly cutting production time and costs. LAGO has been a reliable multichannel marketing solution for over 25 years for RetailGroceryAgencies, and more.

At its core, LAGO is a PIMDAM, and Marketing Production solution with an integrated checkpoint-based collaborative workflowversioning optimization, and proofing system.

We rely on the LAGO system for its highly efficient page-building process. Our retail clients expect greater efficiency and we’re more than happy to be able to deliver it.

Director of Advertising Technologies, PureRed

We quickly discovered that Comosoft was a competent and far-sighted partner. Close and cooperative collaboration is at the core of the success of a PIM implementation.

Grit Marlow-Buchholz, Zitra

We have a very long and intensive selection process behind us and are 100% sure that Comosoft is the right choice for us to have found enormously innovative, long-term partners. With this partner we can optimize internal processes and further enhance our competitiveness.

Hélène Gariba, RAJA Media

We are now in a position to modify data even late in the process, such as price changes or complicated versioning. This saves us time and enormously improves the quality of our advertising.

Creative Services Director, Major North America Retailer

Optimize Your Media Production Process with LAGO

Advertising and marketing material can be planned, created, edited, and evaluated easily, via our intuitive user interface for workflow management. Data from various sources is fed into LAGO, simplifying the entire process and making it more efficient.

Campaign Planning
Using the online whiteboard module, marketing and product line managers can place an article or mod (a product or offer and all its relevant data and images) anywhere on an advertising or marketing piece. They can also use real-time analysis – based on margin, turnover, and inventory data – to assess the best placement of articles.

Article Planning
Product data and images in LAGO are seamlessly integrated with Adobe InDesign, via a plugin. Designers can focus on creative design, and product data is updated in real time – right up to the moment of printing.

Graphic Layout
The Proofing module also provides a precise, bidirectional cooperation process between purchasing, advertising material planning, and graphics teams. Visual element and text content changes are facilitated via digital correction marks.

Proofing Process
Final page layouts can be approved via a visual, online proofing process. Many elements of review-and-approval can be automated and executed from anywhere in the world.

Review & Approval Process
At the end of the process, LAGO generates a press-ready PDF file of your advertising and marketing material, sending them directly and automatically to your print service provider. LAGO is also capable of publishing a digial copy of your production for online distribution.

Print Production PDFs

Our DAM technology allows your business to handle high volumes of critical assets.


Comosoft LAGO empowers many users, companies, and e-commerce sites worldwide.


LAGO systems are in place in multiple locations worldwide.

PDF Pages

LAGO can produce thousands of PDFs (multiple ads, with regional variations, in up to 18 languages) per week.

Learning with LAGO

Multichannel Marketing Insights from Comosoft

  • By |Published On: June 24th, 2024|5 min read|

    The science of Digital Asset Management (DAM) emerged in the 1990s in response to the rapid influx of images and other media files created by digital cameras, scanners, and personal computers. DAM became the only logical way to organize, identify, and store these huge, typically unstructured data files “piled up” in local hard drives and servers. Potentially, it could undo the chaos and help businesses find and use digital assets efficiently.

  • By |Published On: June 12th, 2024|7 min read|

    Time to Market (TTM) is a pivotal success factor in the manufacturing industry, particularly when developing new products. The process involves numerous stages and steps, including the creation of catalogs and product brochures, often with a multitude of collaborators working in unison to prepare the product for the market.

  • By |Published On: May 16th, 2024|4.4 min read|

    Print catalogs are still essential, but the retail world has fully transitioned to the digital age. Brands cannot afford to ignore the benefits of well-planned, integrated digital catalogs.

  • By |Published On: May 8th, 2024|5.9 min read|

    Populating product data means bringing together a plethora of data sources and teams to come up with shared data that becomes part of each asset within your system. This product data then goes seemingly everywhere within your organization as is distributed across all of your commerce channels. And if it’s not serving you the way it should, that may pose a problem.

  • By |Published On: April 23rd, 2024|7 min read|

    By many accounts, it can be difficult for teams to find what they need quickly and efficiently, even from within their organization. In fact, 26 percent of workers between the ages of 35 and 44 spend up to 5 hours each day looking for the data, assets, or information they need to do their job. 

  • By |Published On: April 10th, 2024|4.5 min read|

    For retailers, the right digital solution does not have to be disruptive. It should grow with the organization—and focus on output, accuracy, and efficiency.

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