Automatically Build and Output Weekly Circular Ads (and Versions) With LAGO

Weekly circular ads and flyers (printed or digital) are the lifeblood of a retailer’s marketing program. The larger the retailer and its inventory of products, the more challenging it is to produce compelling and accurate flyers using SKU data that promote high-margin products. Even more challenging is to create multiple versions of that same flyer that support various regions and markets.

Comosoft LAGO is the industry-leading retail circular production software for complete automated production and management for both print and digital weekly circular ads.

Global retailers use LAGO to simplify their circular ad production workflows and multichannel marketing activities.

See for yourself just how you can significantly cut production time and costs.

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Home Depot uses LAGO
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Build Circulars Faster and More
Accurately With The Integrated InDesign

In today’s competitive market, you need to show your customers the most updated product information quickly and accurately to influence their purchasing decisions before they go to a competitor.

The LAGO Layout InDesign plugin gives graphic designers and production artists creative autonomy and greater efficiency with automated SKU-based layouts. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with Adobe InDesign to directly communicate with your assets (DAM) and data (PIM) to eliminate manual typesetting and image placement. No matter the size of the weekly circular ad or its many versions,
LAGO’s logic-driven InDesign templates automate page building and
ensure consistent branding, eliminating the risks of user error.

Automatically Optimize and Output Complex Versioning

No matter how many languages or regional variations your print circulars or catalogs require, you can automatically optimize the minimal number of versions needed and output for print production. The LAGO Version Optimization module makes it possible with a built-in algorithm that evaluates data fields within the Adobe InDesign document. As a result, production artists and graphic designers can do away with manually building individual versions based on variable data (like pricing or product availability), eliminate the extensive proofing process associated with each of those versions, and remove the possibility of errors from data interpretation. In addition, the weekly circular workflow becomes easily controlled for production managers, collaboration for proofing and approval is seamless, and final files are easily out for print and digital channel.

Increase Efficiency by Streamlining Production & Collaboration

Powerful PIM & DAM Integration

Turn complex product data into well-designed circular ads quickly and efficiently while merchandisers prioritize items with high margins or excess inventory.

Integrated InDesign Plugin For Automatic Page Building

Give designers creative autonomy, accountability, and greater efficiency with dynamic layouts that can build content automatically.

Collaborative Workflow & Proofing

A web-based system powered by Adobe InDesign Server provides user-friendly commenting tools and intuitive task lists for an all-inclusive proofing process.

Optimize Circular Ad Versioning

Automate the output of all versioning no matter how many languages or regional variations you require.

Streamline Print Planning & Publishing

Manage printers, batch versioning, and automatically export final files and data to defined print service providers.

Multichannel Production Output

Manage and output content (including XML files) from your print production to publish online interactive digital circular.

LAGO Customer Success Stories

Bass Pro Shops uses LAGO

Photo courtesy of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is the leading national retailer of outdoor gear and apparel with 200 retail and marine center locations across North America.

Lowe's uses LAGO

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Founded in 1921, home improvement chain Lowe’s has become a Fortune 50 retailer, with over 2,000 locations and 300,000-plus employees worldwide.

Retail Circular Production Insights from Comosoft

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