The Printed Catalog & Flyer are NOT Dead

The printed page has a proven, positive effect on your customers. Scientific studies show that the tactile experience of holding and reading a printed document promotes greater comprehension and recall and a more positive response to the brand.

If you’re a cataloger, you already know that print influences greater sales and higher levels of customer loyalty than online media alone. Combining print with online via print publishing management software and streamlined workflows not only improves production output but also increases potential for audience reach.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

The Challenge: Soaring Print Production Costs

Complex print catalogs? Multiple elements on every page? Product names, images, sizes, and prices? It can take designers countless hours to gather and place hundreds of SKU codes in a pleasing visual layout that remains consistent across multiple channels.

Critical data from product information management (PIM) systems or digital asset management (DAM) systems are always in flux – right up to the moment of printing. With so much in question right down to the wire, sometimes your work becomes the true definition of “Stop the presses!”

Product Information Management System | LAGO

Not only does it take hours of payroll to manage extensive, ongoing changes, but if your catalog involves multiple regional, demographic, or language versions, your design and production costs can really skyrocket.

LAGO automates and optimizes multichannel marketing activities, significantly cutting production time and costs. LAGO has been a reliable multichannel marketing solution for over 25 years for Retail, Grocery, Agencies, and more.

At its core, LAGO is a PIM, DAM, and Marketing Production solution with an integrated checkpoint-based collaborative workflow, versioning optimization, and proofing system.

The Solution: Comosoft’s All-In-One LAGO Software

At Comosoft, our LAGO software can solve these problems and streamline your entire multichannel marketing process from print publishing to digital output, saving money and resources.

As a pioneer in database publishing:

We’ll help you connect to PIM and DAM data sources easily using our InDesign-based production solutions.

We’ll tackle the evolving needs of your marketing and brand management teams in a singular solution.

We’ll optimize your entire print production process for complex, data-intensive publications.

LAGO has direct Adobe InDesign integrations that enables graphic designers and production teams the power to create compelling, data-intensive pages for print on a vast scale, but at a controlled cost.

  • Live, bi-directional links to PIM and DAM systems from your InDesign page that update automatically

  • Dynamic placeholders and page planning and evaluation tools – including business and marketing data

  • Automated, template-based page creation and generation of complex tables
  • Import pre-designed “blocks” of product-specific content
  • Batch versioning, printing, and automated export of pages and media to print service providers

Solving the Expensive Versioning Dilemma

Are you stuck paying for similar catalogs or flyers over and over again for different regions, languages, or locales? The costs can really start to stack up.

LAGO gives your print production department the ability to create multiple versions of the same catalog or flyer, easily and cost-effectively.

Even your content can change with LAGO to best fit your marketing strategies. Products specific to a particular region or demographic can be placed automatically in a standard InDesign layout, giving the catalog or flyer professional the ability to design once but repurpose multiple times to meet your company’s marketing needs.

Product Information Management System | LAGO
Media Asset Management Platform from LAGO

LAGO can do so much more to automate your marketing production.

Multichannel Production

Get everyone on the same page, literally. When you work across multiple channels, you get unparalleled communication and automatic print order planning and optimization.

With LAGO, your marketing, design, editing, and management teams are all working from the same source, without delay. Your team finally has the flexibility to manage page counts, regions, and target audiences like never before for catalogs that connect to recipients with laser like accuracy.

  • Automatic implementation of output files

  • Direct transfer of content and data to the printer
  • Management of printers, paper formats, and print schema in one location
  • Automated distribution to target directories
  • Well-defined rules and structures for optimal print sequencing and logistics
Media Asset Management Platform from LAGO

LAGO can do so much more to automate your marketing production.

Catalog Management Automation & Distribution

Are you juggling multiple products or various vendors? When your catalog starts to expand, it gets challenging to balance all the demands. You need a way to monitor your entire line of products, especially when partnering your printed catalogs with eCommerce selling.

You need a catalog management strategy.

In addition to creating web versions of your catalog, catalog management software helps growing organizations like yours work across a distributed database without errors transferring between devices.

What else can LAGO do?

1) Campaign Planning

Page & layout planning for marketing

2) Asset Management

Allocation of products and/or offers to the page

3) Production Process

Page layout & design management

4) Proofing Process

Manage who and how corrections are made

5) Approval Process

Easily manage approval of production from anywhere

6) Production Output

Easily generate digital & print production pieces

  • Maintain accuracy and consistency across your brand

  • Create multilingual marketing collateral with ease

  • Automated task allocation results in enhanced organization and shorter production cycle

  • Placeholder technology for automated on-page data and price and data updates

  • Enables harmonization of all marketing channels

  • Decrease response time to market changes

  • Gain insight through customized reporting options

InDesign Database Publishing & Database Publishing

Success in a timely catalog that’s on-brand and on-budget requires teamwork and communication. Without this constant collaboration, you might feel powerless against deadlines and budgets. It’s time to integrate your graphics department into a multichannel production process.

LAGO puts the power back in your hands.

Seamlessly integrate LAGO with Adobe InDesign, support your graphic designers with intuitive functionality and unmatched creative freedom, and automatically integrate your database into your layout.

InDesign plugins mean your graphic designers can log onto LAGO through InDesign and access all the content they need, where they need it most. And because LAGO is bidirectional, all your graphic designer’s changes are automatically fed into your database.

Product Information Management System | LAGO
  • Automated layouts
  • Dedicated palette in InDesign for overlay, gallery asset, and main text management
  • Design and management of templates
  • Countless tools and features to support your entire workforce

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