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Whether your company is large or small, Comosoft LAGO is at the core of your multichannel marketing activities. From Product Information Management (PIM) to Digital and Media Asset Management (MAM/DAM) and far more, LAGO’s powerful, modular approach works with your existing IT and creative assets to create a compelling, highly-personalized message for print, digital, and mobile media.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production

LAGO manages all the relevant product, advertising, and asset data needed for your multichannel marketing activities. Our modular software works with your existing systems or on its own – whether installed at your location or in the cloud. Our expert integration team will find the right combination at an affordable cost.

From highly versioned print catalogs using our LAGO Layout InDesign plugin and other complex, multi-SKU collateral to generating reliable data for digital, mobile, and social media channels, Comosoft will provide the ideal platform for your business. As it has for so many others, LAGO will meet your planning, production, and publishing needs.

Comosoft LAGO is basically our beast of burden that helps us manage complex versioning, and real-time change out, on a constant basis.

Joe Gies, Senior Marketing Manager, Bass Pro Shops

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