LAGO 5.21.1 Release

Published On: February 8th, 2023|By |3.1 min read|

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce the release of LAGO 5.21 to kickoff 2023.

With LAGO 5.21 you now have the ability to update the Article Types of an Article via import. With a simple configuration of the standard import, you can change an Article’s type across the entire database. This will also adopt the Article Properties for the new type, giving you maximum flexibility in your product data model.

There are also new Document Check Runs available in LAGO Layout and LAGO Layout Server. Your production team can now quickly and easily identify invalid assets based on criteria like whether an asset is locked, logically deleted, not marked as “visible to all”, or if its validity period does not include the current date.

Please read the Release Notes for full details about all the new and useful improvements in LAGO 5.21.

As always, we’re happy to help and advise you on how to use new LAGO features. Feel free to reach out to Comosoft‘s support team any time for assistance.

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director


  • Changing article types of an article via import
    It is now possible to update the article type of articles via standard import. For this purpose, the corresponding settings for the standard import configurations have been introduced in LAGO Admin. This leads to a global update of the article type including adaptation of existing article characteristics.
  • Extended functions for components in the LAGO API
    The LAGO API now has endpoints for handling component-article mappings. These can be created, updated or deleted. In addition, the existing endpoint for creating new components has been enhanced to support local components.
  • Administrative tasks for assets in LAGO DAM and LAGO Admin
    Administrative tasks previously only available in LAGO Pict, such as the final deletion of one or all assets, as well as the re-creation of FPO and preview files, are now also available in LAGO DAM. Logically deleted assets can also be restored.
    The assignment of asset types to categories, which is used in the creation of asset components in the element layout, is now also located in LAGO Admin.
  • New features in LAGO Whiteboard and LAGO PIM
    Die bereits vorhandene Funktion zum Tauschen von Seiteninhalten in LAGO Whiteboard ermöglicht nun auch die Verwendung in Umgebungen mit komprimierten Dokumenten und unterschiedlichen Seitenlayouts, sowie Seitenlayoutanpassungen in verschiedenen Varianten. The already existing page swap feature in LAGO Whiteboard now allows for use in environments with compressed documents and different page layouts, as well as page layout customization in different variants. When copying elements from other projects, the dialog already available from LAGO PIM, can now optionally be displayed with detailed setting options to decide which details of an element should be copied. Furthermore, split elements are now additionally indicated by a symbol at the bottom of the grid field. Furthermore, LAGO PIM now also offers the option to delete existing article-element assignments, which compliments the management of articles and elements.
  • New check runs for invalid assets in LAGO Layout and LAGO Layout Server
    A new set of validation check runs are available in LAGO Layout and LAGO Layout Server. These validation runs detect assets that should not be placed or used for various reasons. This includes a logical deletion, date expiration, or if an asset has not been marked “visible to all”. If such a check run in LAGO Layout Server fails, the job is not processed and a corresponding message is written to the queue for the corresponding job.
  • Improved use of hyperlinks in LAGO InDesign
    It is now possible to apply hyperlinks in LAGO Layout to component types such as layout, logo and image components. The hyperlinks are preserved during document editing. Also, these hyperlinks are supported by the PDF export process through the Layout Server.

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