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Use LAGO to simplify the complex catalog & flyer data & design management process

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Powerful Tools for Creative Campaigns

Advertising and marketing agencies are in the business of creating demand and paving the way to business growth. But with the rapid expansion of new print, online, and social channels, agencies are under increasing pressure while planning and coordinating their clients’ campaigns. To do so rapidly, accurately, and effectively – especially for clients with multiple products – agencies need a powerful set of multichannel tools: LAGO.

LAGO facilitates modern media production by shortening and automating lines of communication between agencies and their clients, providing fast time-to-market for advertising of all kinds. With LAGO, they can:

Catalog & Flyer Design Review & Approval Management Software - LAGO
  • Optimize and automate the creation of complex, product-specific collateral – without sacrificing good design

  • Collaborate with clients throughout the design and production process

  • Have bi-directional access to the most current versions of client PIM and DAM data

  • Achieve up to 60% reduction in labor costs – allowing you to focus on the creative process

  • Shorten time-to-market by up to 30%

We rely on the LAGO system for its highly efficient page-building process. Our retail clients expect greater efficiency and we’re more than happy to be able to deliver it.

Director of Advertising Technologies, PureRed

LAGO + Adobe Indesign

The LAGO Adobe InDesign plugin lets you integrate your graphics department fully in your multichannel production process. LAGO Layout is seamlessly integrated into Adobe InDesign and supports graphic designers in their daily work with extensive and intuitive functions. The plugin supports the entire bandwidth of production, from absolute creative freedom to a fully automatic layout.

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