A Workflow that works for Print & Digital Production

LAGO is about much more than handling print or digital production. The LAGO workflow tools are designed to give companies and agencies greater control of multichannel campaigns, merchandising, and promotional planning via whiteboarding. By combining PIM and DAM systems with intuitive, user-friendly controls, LAGO lets planners and decision makers make the right strategic decisions.

Not all workflow systems are created equal. With its foundation in enterprise-level PIM and DAM technology, LAGO truly offers the right tools for the task of creating a multichannel strategy–based on sound business reasoning.

The Right Tools for the Task

LAGO’s workflow modules reduce the cost of creating and managing complex, multichannel campaigns, by decreasing the time required and lowering the potential for errors or unplanned event occurrences. They allow information to be changed, dynamically and with minimal manual data entry or error potential. They also give marketing and product managers the ability to prioritize SKUs according to their business value (e.g., high margin or inventory status). These decisions are conveyed accurately to the page designer – who can focus on the task of creating attractive and compelling layouts.

We rely heavily on LAGO from Comosoft for an extremely efficient page creation process. With the seamless integration between soft proofing and production workflow, LAGO’s user interface simply has an advantage over all other providers. We particularly appreciate the configurability, which allows us to tailor everything to our needs. Our customers in the retail industry are constantly expecting greater efficiency – with LAGO, we are able to deliver it.

Director of Advertising Technologies,, PureRed


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