LAGO 5.11 Release Webinar

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Dear customers,

The holiday season is knocking at the door and 2020 is finally coming to an end. The entire Comosoft team wishes you and your families a happy and healthy new year.

The year 2020 has been more challenging than ever for all of us. As a result of the all-dominant global pandemic and the associated reorientations in the world of remote working, there were also new technical challenges to be mastered.

We have also been working hard to transition Adobe’s discontinuation of Flash applications as of December 31, 2020, that will no longer be supported by any operating system or browser as of January 1, 2021.

We are more than happy to announce LAGO 5.11 is available as a “Flash-free” version that is ready for production as of December 16, 2020. LAGO 5.11 replaces all former LAGO Flash-based applications with HTML5 technology and thus guarantees operation after December 31, 2020.

In addition, we have also expanded the range of functions in LAGO in 5.11! It is now possible to assign master pages to documents in LAGO Whiteboard;

and furthermore, we have integrated the LAGO apps “Merch Planning” and “Plan” into LAGO PIM.

These are just two examples of what’s new in LAGO. To see the full range of new features in LAGO 5.11, please read the release notes below.

P.S.: We have a safe and secure solution through an Adobe partner that will extend LAGO Flash applications through May 31, 2021, until you are ready to upgrade to LAGO5.

As always, we are available to answer questions about LAGO 5.11 and look forward to your call.

We wish you relaxed holidays and a healthy start to the year 2021.

Greetings from Hamburg

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • Whiteboard
    LAGO Whiteboard now offers the ability to assign master pages to documents without having to use LAGO Layout (InDesign). To support this feature, a new bridge group called “Master Pages” has been introduced in the Page Layout mode of LAGO Whiteboard. Master pages that have been defined in the document template are displayed there to enable assignment to document pages. This feature streamlines the planning workflow in the LAGO Whiteboard since the assignment of master pages was previously only possible using LAGO Layout (InDesign).Assigned assets displayed in raster fields can now be configured to a specific size format. This setting enables more assets to be displayed in larger raster fields and more configurability options in LAGO Whiteboard to determine how content is being displayed.
  • PIM & Whiteboard
    In LAGO PIM, it is now possible to open one or more selected documents directly in LAGO Whiteboard with a single click by using a new button called “Add documents to layout view”. This replaces functionality that was previously available in LAGO Plan.
  • PIM
    LAGO PIM has been enhanced significantly and replaces the Flash applications “LAGO MerchpPlanning” and “LAGO Plan”. Here are some highlights:Users now have the ability to create, edit, and delete article search folders. With appropriate permissions, article search folders can also be deemed as “public” search folders making them available to all users.If article types are assigned to workgroups, LAGO PIM now takes this setup into account offering the ability to control the visibility and editing rights of articles of the specified article type.Article editing is now complete in LAGO PIM. Articles, as well as Prices and Properties, can be created, edited, and deleted.

    Text components of Elements can now be edited in a separate browser window within LAGO PIM. Pressing a new button called “Edit component text in text editor” will open up the editor in a secondary browser window. The editor includes a placeholder tree that can be switched On and Off, switchable placeholder highlights, LAGO table insertion, and much more.

    The visibility of LAGO PIM buttons and Article fields can now be configured through Workspace configuration in LAGO Admin.

  • Admin Extend
    Import/Export Administration (including Task definition) has been moved from the LAGO Transfer app to LAGO Admin Extend.Standard export has also been moved to LAGO Admin Extend. The Export wizard guides you through all necessary settings in five steps.Article Type editing, is now offered in LAGO Admin Extend. This includes creating, editing, or deleting Article Types (and their associated fields), as well as Article Properties, Prices and Price Properties.Project Variant Type configuration is now available in LAGO Admin Extend under Products & Projects -> Project Variants. From here, Variant fields and settings can be created, edited, or deleted.

    A new button called “Recalculate FPOs and previews” has been added to LAGO Admin Extend. This button becomes active when an Asset Type is selected. Once pressed, users can choose between the options “Recalculate FPOs”, “Recalculate Previews” or “Recalculate FPOs and Previews”. The corresponding jobs are generated and are processed by LAGO Pict. This feature is useful when the asset type definition has been modified.

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