LAGO 5.19 Release

Published On: August 24th, 2022|By |2 min read|

Dear customers,
Our third feature release of 2022, LAGO 5.19, is available as of today. Since our last release, we’ve added some very useful new features to LAGO: a new option is now available at the document workflow level that enables automatic creation of Archive PDFs for any given checkpoint. Additionally, we’ve made enhancements to our Automat PDF exports than now enable you to hide placeholders from any level (article/element/document/project) and replace with a blank or predefined value.

This and much more is available with the latest version LAGO 5.19–have a look at our release notes for details.

Should you have any questions about our release LAGO 5.19, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • Create Archive-PDF using the Workflow
    It is now possible to create automat jobs for the creation of archive PDF by the LAGO Workflow. A new workflow status action is now available that needs to be added to the corresponding workflow status. If all documents of a project reach a status that has the new workflow action configured, the automat jobs for archive PDF will be created. Please note that this feature requires the module “LAGO Archive”.
  • Description for Shops
    A new field “Description” has been added to shop folders. This field can contain an unlimited amount of text. The content of the field can be added or changed within LAGO PIM, LAGO Explorer and by using the LAGO Standard Import. The XML Export will export the content of the field together with shops.
  • Article data within table headers
    Up until now it was only possible to use placeholders of the entities Project, Project Variant and Project Variant Type into the header cells of an object table. Now it is possible to also use placeholders from the entities Article, Article Property, Price, and Price Property. Placeholders will be added as context placeholders and pull the value of the flash article of the corresponding element.
  • Replace placeholders within an exported PDF
    From now on you can configure which placeholders should be replaced within exported PDF files. On field level within LAGO Admin, a new flag “Hide field on export” has been added that allows to configure if a field should be hidden. Moreover, automat job settings for a PDF-Export also contain a setting to enable hiding of placeholders. Upon export, placeholders configured will be replaced with the empty placeholder value, configured in the central configuration.

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