LAGO 5.17 Release

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  • Synchronize local text components by language
    Keeping the content of local text components for the same language in sync has always been a challenge in case you are maintaining text components for multiple variants. An example would be having a local component for the United States and Canada or for Peru and Chile. If both components should have the same content, it was necessary to change both components.
    With LAGO 5.17 a new way of synchronizing the content of local text components is now available in case they’re both based on the same language. This requires a setup of language in LAGO Admin, an assignment of the languages to the variant types and the activation of the feature in the central configuration. Once a user saves a local component it will then be possible to synchronize the content to all components that are based on the same language.
  • Better control over asset priority in LAGO Layout
    New features have been implemented into LAGO Layout to allow better control over the priority of assets. These features require that element asset assignments including an assignment order are created (either in LAGO Explorer or by an upstream system using the LAGO API).
    Element layouts have been enhanced with two additional options, the first one being the possibility to only use element asset assignments when creating asset components. These are then being placed according to their assignment order. If you are using the functionality to stack components on top of each other, you can now control whether the asset with the highest priority should be placed first (lowest) or last (highest).
    In case the assignment order is adjusted, a new document check is available to identify differences between the order of the assigned assets and the order of the placed components within the document (based on their z-order). To verify these differences, it is now also possible to filter inside the “asset assignment” palette to only show element asset assignments.
  • Manage article element assignment in LAGO PIM
    LAGO PIM now offers the possibility of managing article element assignments. The creation of assignments is done in two steps. The first step is the selection of articles and a new function to copy them into a clipboard for assignment creation. Afterwards one or multiple elements can be selected to paste the assignments. This new function allows you to assign multiple articles to multiple elements in one step for the first time.
  • New functions in LAGO Scripting
    New functions for fields of the data type “date” have been added to LAGO Scripting. It is now possible to extract the year, month, or day of a date field to be used for further purposes. An example is to use the fields “Valid From” and “Valid To” on project level and only show the day and week of them within a placeholder.

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