Email Marketing: Your Map to Hidden Treasures

Email Marketing: Your Map to Hidden Treasures

Published On: October 25th, 2022|By |3.1 min read|

With all the chatter about the importance of social media marketing, it’s easy to wonder whether email marketing is still relevant. The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” In fact, email marketing is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to growing your business and engaging, retaining, and converting leads into customers. Consider the following:

  • There are 4 billion daily email users.
  • 37% of brands are increasing their email budgets.
  • 33% of marketers send weekly emails.
  • 26% of marketers send emails multiple times per month.
  • 77% of businesses have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.
  • Transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other types of email and can generate 6x more revenue

Before we delve into why you should up your email marketing game, it’s helpful to understand the three types of effective marketing emails. Here’s an overview:

  • Transactional
    Transactional emails provide customer services such as order confirmations, receipts, shipping notices, support tickets, and return confirmations.
  • Relational
    Relational email marketing is designed to engage subscribers and nurture your brand’s relationships with them. They may include welcomes, gated content delivery, event sign-ups, requests for reviews, social media update notifications, or referral requests.
  • Promotional
    Promotional email marketing seeks to increase revenue by generating sales. It may include sale announcements, new product release notifications, webinar reminders, or trial or upgrade offers.

So how does email marketing work? Email marketing can be tremendously impactful when done correctly, moving your customers from one stage of the marketing “value journey” to the next. The outcome of this type of strategic email marketing is profit and growth. Here’s how you can use email marketing for branding, increasing customer engagement, retaining customers, generating traffic, and obtaining referrals.

  1. Storytelling

In today’s marketplace, customers want to connect with their chosen brands on a deeper level. Storytelling is a compelling way to communicate to your audience how your brand is unique. Create impactful brand stories by sharing your origin story, celebrating your company’s birthday or that of your subscribers, or detailing previous customer success stories. Consider employee stories as well, as prospective customers choose to do business with brands they like and trust. By sharing employee stories, you communicate your company’s culture and values. Behind-the-scenes stories, such as those about how your team works or how your products are made, are another way that you can connect with your customers more profoundly.

  1. A/B Testing

A/B testing can help you determine which of two campaigns is most effective in generating opens or clicks. To do this, you create two variations of one campaign, sending one of each to a small percentage of your total recipients. You can measure the results through the most opens or clicks and then send the “winning” email to the remainder of your subscribers.

  1. Relationship Building

Relationship building is one of the most beneficial ways to foster long-term engagement with your customers. Some possible personalized emails to send to your contacts include greeting cards with a discount coupon for a customer’s birthday or a “we miss you” note with a discount code to lure a customer back. But, most importantly, remember to keep these emails brief and ensure they are valuable to your customers.

  1. Web Traffic Generation

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website. There are many creative ways to do this, including monthly newsletters with relevant content so your clients know what’s happening in your company or directing them to a blog post that imparts valuable information. Be sure to measure the impact of these efforts on sales, as you’ll want to adjust the content to ensure you realize the desired results.

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