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Why You Absolutely Need a Digital Catalog

Published On: November 7th, 2023|By |5.5 min read|

Just like when a patron sits down to eat at a restaurant and expects to see some menu, your customers want to know what your brand has available for purchase. Diners at a restaurant want to read descriptions of what’s on the menu, complete with ingredients and information like potential allergens and prices.

With your catalog, your customers want to see specific details for each product they might be interested in, with a thorough description, price list, and eye-catching photos that help them see how your products can fit into their lives.

But here’s the thing: Many restaurants have shifted their menus online over the past few years. With QR codes posted at every table, restaurant patrons can peruse the menu on their smartphones to get a taste of its offerings. While this shift to digital menus is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the restaurant industry say that this change is permanent.

Similarly, many retail brands are incorporating a digital catalog into their marketing toolbox and finding it incredibly worthwhile. Consumers spend a great deal of time researching products before they make a purchase, and having a catalog readily available—wherever they may be—is essential.

Whether connecting and selling to consumers directly or working in a B2B capacity, you need a digital catalog. Not only does this streamline your eCommerce channels and make them more accessible, but it can also change the entire user experience for those who interact with your brand online. Here’s an in-depth look at why a digital catalog isn’t just a nice-to-have feature anymore.

Do More with Digital

Sure, a printed catalog is a tangible reminder of your brand and can be a powerful tool. But beyond flipping through the pages, there’s only so much else to do with it. On the other hand, a digital catalog can be interactive and engage readers in new and unexpected ways.

With a digital catalog, flipping through a catalog can be much more immersive. For example, readers can click on a picture to read an article, see a product description, get a linked list of all the products displayed in that one photo, or even make a purchase. And with freeform navigation, readers can explore the catalog ways that hold their interest.

Digital catalogs empower you to do all kinds of things that wouldn’t be possible with a print catalog. For example, you can incorporate hidden depth content, which allows readers to click and gain access to extra features like:

● Downloadable PDFs

● Extended photo galleries

● Captions and additional information

You can also incorporate features like video content, personalization, audio recordings, animation, and more for a truly unforgettable catalog experience.

Make It Personal

With the advent of AI-driven tools, personalization is more popular than ever. Digital catalogs make personalization possible on a much broader scale. Why is personalization so popular?

Because it works.

Ninety-nine percent of marketing professionals agree that implementing personalization into their efforts advances customer relationships. And consumers agree. Eighty percent of consumers report that they are more likely to purchase if a brand offers a more customized experience.

This experience is significant for business-to-business (B2B) brands that might craft a personalized catalog for one company—or even one person—if it means they could land a new account or make a big sale. In many cases, drafting, publishing, and printing a one-off catalog could be cost-prohibitive. Creating a digital catalog opens the door to providing this level of personalization to even more readers.

Digital catalogs also help you capture data about the shopping experience to deepen personalization. They can help you understand things like:

● Customer behavior

● Personal preferences

● Purchase history

This information can then be passed off to sales teams to help them connect with customers and better address the problems they are looking to solve. It can mean higher conversions and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Connect Your Catalog to Your eCommerce Site

Perhaps one of the most captivating reasons to create a digital catalog is that it enables you to sell your products online—and take your selling beyond just a webpage to an eCommerce-supported catalog. With catalog software, you can add new products every day, remove them from the catalog as inventory shifts, and make it easier for readers and customers to discover a product and then make a purchase.

As a combined digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) solution, LAGO by Comosoft makes this happen. Catalog pages can be automatically updated to stay current with the latest pictures and digital assets and the latest inventory information.

What’s more, LAGO easily syncs with your existing eCommerce technology, turning your digital catalog into a fully functional selling platform; readers can purchase your products without having to navigate away from the catalog.

Support Your Team Via a Range of Devices

Digital catalogs also fill a particular gap in supporting your team wherever they are: Getting them the information they need on their mobile devices. Digital catalogs—and digital catalog management software—enable your internal teams to access data from anywhere.

Why is mobile access to product information so important? It’s how employees work nowadays:

●      87 percent of employers expect their team members to use their personal devices for work.

● Nearly 62 percent of Gen Z employees use their mobile phones as part of their job.

No longer are employers enacting no-phone policies in the workplace. Instead, today’s top employees are using their smartphones to maximize sales. So, why not put the information they need in their pockets with easy access to a digital catalog? Digital catalogs fill the gap in finding product information quickly and efficiently with features like:

● Fast product search

● Communication in real-time

● Streamlined workflows

Take Your Catalog Digital with Comosoft

At Comosoft, we’re here to make digital publishing easier than ever. We aim to expand what’s possible so you can meet your customers wherever possible. And, with tools to support the entire creation and publishing process, we’ll support and streamline your work from workflow collaboration to publication and distribution.

LAGO by Comosoft is a digital publishing solution that’s both simple and advanced. We know that each page—printed or digital—is a chance to forge connections with your customers and highlight your brand’s best features.

Via a fully integrated PIM and DAM system solution, we’ll empower you to connect your digital catalog with your library of assets and your inventory management solution so you’re always providing your customers with the latest details. Enjoy collaborative workflows powered by real-time versioning optimization and intuitive proofing solutions to create a modern digital catalog faster and simpler. Ready to learn more? Book a demo today.

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