LAGO 5.10.1 Release Webinar

Published On: October 21st, 2020|By |2.4 min read|

As we all know the end of Adobe Flash Player is nearing the end as of December 31, 2020. In 2017, Adobe announced to discontinue Flash support, and there is no question this is urgently needed, because Flash has proven to be less and less an innovative standard and more of a security risk.

The alternative to Flash, HTML5 technology brings a more robust and safer security backbone. Comosoft has been working for months to transition all LAGO web-based applications from Flash to the HTML5 standard, and we are targeting a Flash-free LAGO version with the next release in December 2020. But until then, there is still some work to be done and Comosoft is working hard to transition some remaining LAGO applications still running on Flash while upgrading customers to newer LAGO versions.

With the release of LAGO 5.10, we already offer a large package of Flash free applications. For example, we have implemented some great new features in LAGO PIM to support your production workflows and give you the ability to generate reports at the project and project type level. We have also improved our powerful LAGO Whiteboard so that, for example, asset assignments can be created for higher-level elements and articles.

For enhanced security, LAGO Layout now supports single sign on and multi-factor authentication. Please review our latest Release Notes to learn about all the enhancements and improvements in LAGO 5.10.

Stay healthy and many greetings from the Comosoft team.

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • Extension of HTML5 support and functionality in LAGO PIM
    LAGO PIM now provides additional “legacy” functionalities in HTML5. In addition to new shop functions and the display of search folders, it is now possible to create, edit, and delete articles and elements. LAGO Reports at the project and project type level are now available as well.
  • New functionality in LAGO Whiteboard
    LAGO Whiteboard’s Product Data mode now features the ability to create asset assignments (for articles and elements) as well as new elements for empty raster fields, providing more control without having to change the mode or app. Pickup View now offers increased flexibility through the use of drag & drop for entire pages. Whiteboard now displays previews and standard images in raster fields making it even more intuitive while optimizing workflows.
  • Enhanced security through MFA
    LAGO Layout now supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) via SAML.
  • Optimization of LAGO DAM
    New features are now available, such as, the display of asset orders in the search view and the export of XLSX files from the asset light table’s list view.
  • Updating asset assignments via Photoshop/Bridge Info Panel
    In the past, the Photoshop/Bridge Info Panel supported asset assignments to articles and elements for assets that were not in the LAGO system yet. An improvement has been made and now asset assignments can be updated, extended, and deleted by changing the metadata then reimported thru asset hot folder or checkout/check-in action via the Photoshop plugin.

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