3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency Is Essential (& How DAM Helps)

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Are you staying true to your brand?

Here’s the exciting thing about brand consistency: It pays off. In fact, it can increase revenue anywhere between 10 and 20 percent.

Brand consistency is about providing your customers with the same experience and impression of who you are as a company when they interact with you, no matter the marketing avenue or communication channel.

When a company establishes its branding, it creates–and, just as importantly, coordinates–the assets for the company and its products. When this branding syncs up, it can benefit your internal operations, help you build trust within your target audience, and get everything working in better alignment. Here’s why brand consistency is crucial–and how digital asset management can help.

1. Build Trust That Translates Into Sales

Trust is so essential for today’s consumers that 46 percent will pay more for a brand name they trust than one they don’t. Perhaps that’s why most leading brands expend so much effort building trust.

It’s easy enough to be a “one-hit-wonder;” to create a one-off positive customer experience and make an excellent first impression. Consumers form an initial impression about whether or not they trust a brand in the first seven seconds. And true, a solid initial impression makes for a good beginning–but this does little to foster a long-term relationship with customers–and it may not be enough to inspire that first sale.

Here’s why: Today’s consumers are inundated with advertising and brand messaging on their computers, phones, on television, in circulars and magazines, out in the world, and in their homes. It’s not very likely that they will make their first purchase from a brand they don’t have a relationship with.

That’s where brand consistency comes into play. Consistent brand messaging and cohesive digital assets can make all the difference in nurturing consumer trust with new and repeat customers.

2. Boost Brand Recognition and Memorability

Some color combinations–and even some colors all on their own–are instantly recognizable and forever tied to a brand in many consumers’ minds. This has everything to do with brand consistency. For example, a global restaurant chain known for golden arches and vibrant red and yellow branding is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands worldwide. Or the particular shade of blue associated with a particular name in jewelry.

By some estimates, the right colors can amplify awareness of your brand by as much as 80 percent.

A good, consistent brand image can make your company more recognized and valued. Brand consistency can (and should) include colors. But it can also be achieved through formatting, messaging, an image’s hue or tone, a photo, video, or graphic style, or the most updated company logo. All of these factors create a consistent, trustworthy, recognizable brand that your target audience can get to know faster and easier than brands that operate without the same level of cohesion.

When you have the right tools–like a robust digital asset management system, your entire team and your third-party vendors alike can have searchable, trackable access to all the same digital assets to establish and maintain brand consistency and make the marketing process faster and more agile.

3. Nurture Customer Connections

Once customers recognize and trust your brand, they can start to anticipate how it will behave and what actions you’ll take. From here, they’ll begin to form an opinion and even connect with your brand personally and emotionally.

The reason behind this? Customers who recognize and trust your brand learn who you are as a company. It’s easier to spot your values, learn your identity–and connect to your mission.

This can make all the difference. When customers have an emotional connection with a brand and identify with and share your values, they are far more likely to purchase from that brand. This is increasingly important to today’s consumers. In truth, 64 percent of customers report that sharing values with a brand is one of the most significant ways they connect with a brand.

Your brand should inspire specific, positive emotions in your target audience. This can start as soon as they see your logo (or even just the colors in your logo), but it’s far simpler to accomplish this when you remain consistent.

The Link Between Brand Consistency and Your Digital Asset Management Solution

Wherever you are as a company, that’s where your brand is–whether you realize it or not. It shows up in your company name and logo but also in places like your catchphrases, designs, images, and videos. But it also includes the less tangible, evocative, emotional part of your brand that helps to establish a relationship with your target audience.

Your brand shows up everywhere. It’s in every aspect of your digital assets. That’s why having the right digital asset management tool is essential; it ensures that all your digital assets match across every channel and marketing campaign. It’s the key to ensuring your whole team is painting from the same palette and with the same colors, literally and figuratively.

Digital asset management, then, is all about brand consistency. It helps improve your brand memorability and recognizability, reinforcing your company’s identity and solidifying your messaging across channels. From the beginning of the sales funnel to the end, everything is aligned toward a common goal.

How Comosoft Can Help

When you’re ready to change creative directions, update your branding, or pivot quickly as your brand evolves, a digital asset management (DAM) solution ensures that your team works from the same tools: the most updated assets.

As you learn which assets are most impactful–based on the metadata for each asset, all logged in your DAM–you can make changes on every channel. And with Comosoft by LAGO, these changes can be created to existing digital channels immediately. In this way, Comosoft’s digital asset management system can also help you keep pace with industry trends and stay competitive within your market based on both outside influence and cutting-edge internal data.

What’s more, Comosoft’s DAM tools can make every team within your company more efficient by securing their access to the assets they need and fostering a seamless workflow from creation to review to publication. Thanks to Comosoft, there’s no time wasted revising or searching for the right assets to maintain consistency; the same assets are updated and available company-wide.

Want to see firsthand how Comosoft’s DAM solution supports brand consistency? Book a Demo today!

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