• What is a Retail Media Network?
    By |Published On: March 17th, 2023|0.8 min read|

    A Retail Media Network refers to large retailers’ own sales platforms that can be used as advertising platforms for their own or third party advertising. External advertisers thus gain access […]

  • Who Uses PIM Systems?
    By |Published On: February 5th, 2021|0.5 min read|

    Product managers on any team would utilize a Product Information Management system (PIM) to properly organize, define, and track the variables that compose their products.

  • What is a PIM system?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|0.6 min read|

    A Product Information Management or PIM system is a software solution for businesses with complexities and challenges in managing marketing data for their products.

  • Why should I use a PIM system?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|0.2 min read|

    A well-maintained modern PIM system avoids mislabelling of products, shortens time-to-market and automates routing to sales and advertising channels.

  • What is Product Information?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|0.2 min read|

    Product information includes for example prices, article numbers and multilingual product texts, but also information for logistics and product photos.

  • What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|1.3 min read|

    The term Product Experience Management (PXM) is a product-focused variant of Customer Experience, which has become a popular marketing term in the retail industry.

  • What is a DAM system?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|1.1 min read|

    A Digital Asset Management System (DAM) is your company’s software solution to preserving, cataloging, sharing, and storing the digital assets your company needs to function.

  • What are the advantages of a DAM system?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|0.6 min read|

    In a DAM system, for example, it is possible to search and filter on the basis of metadata that is read from the stored assets.

  • When does it make sense to use a DAM?
    By |Published On: November 20th, 2020|0.1 min read|

    The importance of DAM systems for companies is constantly increasing with the growing variety of products and the growing need for virtual networking of teams at international locations.