Integrating Multichannel Marketing Software for Retail Circular Production

Published On: March 6th, 2020|By |2.2 min read|

LAGO Software blends existing systems and tools to streamline workflow production

Do you have an existing Digital and Media Asset Management (MAM/DAM) or Product Information Management (PIM) system? No worries! We can integrate LAGO into your workflow, your data model, and your processes, while preserving the value of your investment.

Whether you’re a retailer, a grocer, a manufacturer or an advertising agency, we blend your current tools with LAGO to bring data and promotional content into a single workflow from merchandise planning, to production, approvals, and final output.

Our team of experienced project managers work with you and your production and IT team. We rely on both standardized, classical methods and new, agile methods, gained from our 25 years of experience.

We start with discovery. We’re always seeking ways to streamline your processes and make them more efficient with LAGO. Cost savings of between 20% and 50% are not uncommon, especially by consolidating and automating print and digital collateral production.

We realize there’s always a worry about introducing new software, and we’ve got you covered. During the integration development phase, our specialists install and test the system. In the deployment phase, we prepare all users for the delivery phase via training sessions. We also accompany your first production experiences with on-site tech support.

And even after the integration with your current systems, our stellar support team is here to solve any issues that might pop up.

(LAGO is a) Powerful tool that allows production teams to collaborate on projects with shared live assets simultaneously. From the Planning Stages, through Review and into Final Release, LAGO has been essential to our workflow and the key to our success at pushing content out as efficiently as possible.

Digital Asset Manager

We also work with your people to help them understand and benefit from new, efficient, clearly-defined tasks and workflows. Our goal is not just to provide a robust production solution; we enable you to optimize your product information in every business situation, no matter what systems you currently have in place. And, if you don’t currently have a PIM system or DAM system, LAGO will help you master your data universe and simplify your marketing and production workflows for greater productivity. Let LAGO do for you what we’ve done for thousands of satisfied clients – we’ve been successfully integrating and overhauling workflow systems for 25 years.

Let us show you how LAGO can streamline and speed up your existing production processes with less user effort and more automation by requesting a demo today.

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